5 Interesting Facts of the Sauna you Probably Didn't Know

Origin of the Saun

Aside from several health benefits, saunas can be fun as well. Here are a few interesting facts that will make you raise your eyebrows.

1. Although saunas have been present in other cultures also, it is in Finland that they have become embraced in the national culture.

In the past, when hot water was not available, saunas were considered the only place for a wash during the winter. Some were even born inside a sauna because it was the only sterile place with hot water available.

2. In Finland, there are two million saunas for a 5.3 million population.

3. The sauna can help cleanse the body of alcohol toxins.

4. In Finland, the sauna has traditionally been used as a sterile place to treat the sick, give birth, and even prepare the dead for burial.

5. Although saunas and steam rooms can sometimes be confused, they are different. Saunas can produce both dry and wet heat, while steam rooms can only produce wet heat.

So now you know, the next time you have an opportunity to sauna bathe, take advantage of it and experience all its benefits.

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