A Pre-built Sauna Designed to Perfection

Ready, Set...Sauna!

Precise Temperature

The Sky Sauna includes one of our 100% stainless, smart steel electric heater. You can regulate the heat to your desire with the integrated Smart Sauna Wi-Fi controller or with your phone.

Wi-Fi Compatible

Our Smart Sauna Wi-Fi Controller and Smart Sauna App allow you to regulate your session's temperature, length, and chromotherapy with just a few clicks.

Full Spanish Cedar

Cedar is the perfect wood for any sauna, as it is highly resistant to mold, fungi, and decay. In addition, Cedar is an excellent insulator capable of maintaining high levels of heat without cracking. 

The Easiest Installation

We are introducing a sauna designed to be effortlessly installed in less than 30 minutes, thanks to its innovative 10-step assembly process. All of this while maintaining a luxurious and sturdy look and feel.

Chromotherapy Feature

Enjoy a fully personalized session with the sky sauna's advanced LED light system. Our system can reach any color in the light spectrum so that you can enjoy all the benefits chromotherapy offers. 

Assembly in 30 Minutes or Less

We have designed the Sky Sauna to have the most effortless installation process in all of the market. The process is as easy as assembling lego blocks as it only takes ten steps to have your Sky Sauna fully assembled and ready for use.


Full Control at Your Fingertips

The Sky Sauna includes a Smart Sauna Wi-Fi Controller that allows you to control the heater and lights in the most ingenious way. 

You can regulate your session's temperature, length, and light colors with just a few taps. This beautiful sauna is also compatible with our Smart Sauna phone app, which offers the same benefits as the Smart Sauna Wi-Fi controller, with the addition of being able to turn on your heater no matter where you are.