High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm
High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room AlarmHigh Temperature Sauna & Steam Room AlarmHigh Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm


A turnkey solution for a large and common problem sauna and steam room facility owners face:

Do you have guests use your sauna or steam room, and tamper with the heat sensor? Scandia’s High-Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm works independently of the sensor built into the heating unit. The sensor on our alarm continually monitors room temperature and will manually shut down the heater if it senses the temperature rising above safe levels. The maximum allowed heat level is set by you the facility owner and can be adjusted at any time via your alarm dashboard.

Scandia’s Sauna Alarm is an always-connected device that sends SMS text and email alerts when the sauna heater or steam generator is shut down.

Scandia has developed an online dashboard for remote temperature monitoring. We offer in-room Emergency Stop Buttons for an upgraded price as well.

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