Odds are that you’ve recently sent out an email or posted to your social media assuring your clientele that you are taking every possible precaution against the rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19).That may mean increasing staff to maintain a stricter cleaning regimen, decreasing group events, or adding amenities to encourage healthy habits for all patrons.
The spread of germs are a regular concern during any cold and flu season; they have been particularly heightened by the development of COVID-19. What you need, however, may not be more manpower, but stronger technology to get the job done.

Scandia’s Powerzone sterilization systems sanitize both the air and surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach. They create ozone, which contains three atoms of oxygen (O3) verses the two we usually breathe (O2). Ozone is capable of breaking down bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in as little as 30 minutes, but it reverts back to O2. Naturally, O3 is found in the Earth’s atmosphere and you sense it particularly after a lightening storm—nature’s way of cleansing the air. That same power is available to you at the push of a button. Simply launch your Powerzone system in a vacant space, return 60 minutes later to fresh, clean air and germ-free surfaces. The application of Powerzone technology is limitless.

Utilize it to sanitize:

Group Fitness Studios
Community Centers
Steam Rooms (no more scrubbing tile!)
Lobby Entrances
Massage Rooms
Your Home

Take the cleaning power of the Earth into your own hands and let it be the front runner for the battle against germs. With the Powerzone series in your facility, you and your clientele can be confident that you are providing the cleanest possible environment for them to enjoy.