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The Best Electric Sauna Heater in the Industry

Scandia offers a heater that's as beautiful as it is functional. Our heater's components are meticulously designed to work in harmony and last many years. This is why Scandia has been the exclusive "national preferred vendor'" for large companies, such as YMCA, Gold's International, and Bally's Total Fitness. You will also find Scandia Ultra Sauna heaters in top resorts, hotels, and universities all across the globe.

100% Stainless Steel

These one-of-a-kind heaters are made entirely of 321 stainless steel to prevent corrosion from the moisture and high temperatures to which they are exposed.

Made in America

Our heaters and components have been manufactured on American soil using the highest quality technology and stainless steel since 1964.

Unmatched Power

Scandia's Electric Ultra Sauna Heater has enough power to heat rooms measuring 1680 cubic feet consistently and evenly.

Underwriter Laboratories Certified

The Ultra Electric Sauna Heater being UL listed means it passed strict safety tests to ensure the well-being of every single one of our customers.

Designed to Last

This wall-mounted heater utilizes convection-style airflow. Its elevated rock tray design prevents water application from damaging the unit. Five inches of space between the rock tray and the heating elements help to prolong the lifespan of both the components and the sauna rocks.

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