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High quality material, heaters manufactured in the U.S. since 1962. Put all this together and you have a team dedicated to providing you with the best sauna heaters, accessories and more!

High Quality Materials + Luxury + Technology in one.

Why Scandia Manufacturing?

We have been perfecting the art of manufacturing traditional saunas, sauna heaters, steam rooms, and accessories for over 60 years. We are a company committed to innovation and quality in every product. Rest assured, Scandia will bring you nothing but the best in the industry.

Electric Sauna Heaters

We created our electric heaters with two things in mind, efficiency, and durability. You can find our brand all across the globe, from top resorts to hotels and universities, with good reason. Our heaters and components are crafted on American soil with the highest quality technology and stainless steel. Simply the best in the market.

scandia electric sauna heater
Gas Sauna Heaters

"Sturdy and efficient" is an understatement. Considered the best in the world, the Scandia gas heater offers a build that's as beautiful as it is functional. These one-of-a-kind heaters are made entirely of 321 stainless steel to prevent corrosion from the moisture and high temperatures to which they are exposed.

scandia gas sauna heater
Accessories and Replacement Parts

Find all you need for your home or commercial sauna and steam room at our store, from bucket and ladles to sauna lights, sauna doors, flooring, heater replacement parts and more. 

sauna accessories and replacement parts

Prebuilt Saunas

Outdoor or Indoor, with a prefab sauna you choose where to place your sauna. These units are incredibly easy and fast to assemble. Enjoy your sauna in just a few hours after receiving it!

Barrel Sauna


Customize your barrel sauna your way, choose between an electric or gas heater, size from 2 to 8 person, traditional model or canopy with exterior benches. All manufactured with Grade A Spanish Cedar and top technology. 

Modular Sauna


Forget all the trouble of preparing a whole room to have a sauna. The Traditional Modular sauna is designed to be a complete free-standing sauna unit. Outdoor and Indoor units available. Completely customizable.

Precut Sauna Kits

Every sauna we make has been meticulously designed and manufactured by tracking 60+ years of constructive customer criticism. Today, thanks to our great attention to detail, we can offer flawless saunas one hundred percent of the time.

Sauna Kits

Classic Precut Saunas

Hand-Finished Saunas

Himalayan Salt Saunas

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