Sauna heaters

Sauna heaters are the heart of every sauna. Having the right one for your sauna will make a tremendous difference to your whole experience. Its choice is critical. Our two solutions to this problem are Scandia's Gas Sauna Heater, the only American-made Gas Heater, and Scandia's Electric Sauna Heater, the most efficient and advanced electric heater ever created.

Our new design is made to fit all your needs and to last. Their 100% stainless steel construction guarantees the heater longevity, and their large rock trays provide great mass to hold the heat longer. They allow you to enjoy a complete experience in your sauna without worrying about the high maintenance costs that other heaters have.

Ultra Gas Heater

A commercial-grade sauna heater that will soothe you with it's warmth.

Ultra Electric Heater

The most durable and efficiente electric sauna heater made in the USA.

Considered the best sauna heater globally, the Ultra Gas Sauna Heater is more efficient than traditional electric heaters; our gas heaters do not require continuous replacement of costly elements. Our sealed combustion heaters require no gas or flue connections inside the sauna. Therefore the possibility of oxygen depletion or flue products leading into the sauna is eliminated.

A gas sauna heater is an ideal choice. Gas offers a warm, friendly heat that significantly enhances the sauna experience. The lifetime value of a gas sauna heater is considerably greater than electric heaters.  

Besides, our electric sauna heater is considered the most efficient electric heater in the world; the Ultra-Sauna Heater is the only heater that offers a solid pan design with 100% stainless steel construction, protecting the heater components.

Ultra-Sauna Heaters do not rust and require less maintenance than other heaters on the market. They offer greater airflow, heating the room rapidly and efficiently, thus extending the life of the elements. The sleek, compact, and stainless steel design creates an atmosphere of luxury within the sauna; it converts our heater as beautifully as it is functional.