Electric Sauna Heater

Ultra durable.

Ultra sleek.

Our electric sauna heater is unique. Its design and its components have been handcrafted to work in perfect harmony for years.

The Ultra electric heater is by far the most durable electric sauna heater made in USA.

It comes with a 10 year warranty that backs up our claims.


Built using only 

stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with increased corrosion resistance compared to carbon steel. This makes it the perfect material for a sauna heater.
It’s durable and it doesn’t rust.
Scandia's electric sauna is another level in design.

Modern and clean design.

A minimalistic design, focused on functionality and efficiency.

Giving it maintenance is a breeze.

Can heat up a 1,680 ft3 sauna.

The large, 18 kW, Ultra electric heater has the power of warming up saunas the size of a whole room.

Increased lifetime with elevated rock tray.

Five inches of space between the rock tray and the heating elements helps to prolong the lifespan of both the elements and the sauna rocks.

Crafted in the USA with passion.

We don't sell saunas, we build them from the ground up. The sauna experience is like any other, with emphasis on experience. Since 1964, Scandia has been producing the worlds best sauna heater.

UL listed.

Underwriter Laboratories certifies products for safeness. The Ultra gas heater being UL listed means it passed all the safety test to ensure the well-being of both the people working on the product, and you, our customer. 

Secure and fast 

No need for frames.

Every unit is well packaged in a heavy-duty crate and shipped as soon as it’s ready. Our lead time are one of the lowest in the market.
Improve your
life now.
Stop wasting your time and money with other heaters and start feeling the smooth warmth Ultra gas heaters can give you. It lasts so long it’ll be your final heater.
Choose the model according to your needs. If you have questions, call us or send us a message.