Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters

The Ultra Gas Heater by scandia is considered the best and most efficient sauna gas heater by many of the most important health centers, spas, and gyms across the globe. These sturdy heaters are made of 321 stainless steel, which prevents them from rusting due to the moisture and high temperatures to which they are exposed.

Made in America

Our heaters and components have been manufactured on American soil using the highest quality technology and materials since 1964.

Designed to Last

This floor-mounted sauna heater has a complete galvanized back panel, a flu-cap or draft hood (for direct or vertical venting), and stainless steel internal wall flashing. All of the abovementioned prevent continuous replacement of elements.

Our heater also includes high-density stones and "G" wall controls with a standard 60min or 24hr timer and mechanical thermostat to protect against overheating.


• Ultra-Sauna Gas Heaters come complete with a galvanized back-panel assembly, stainless steel internal wall flashing, and a flu-cap or draft hood (for direct or vertical venting).

• The ultra-sauna comes standard with a 60-minute timer and a mechanical thermostat.

• Gas heater body: internal chamber #321 spec stainless steel

• Gas heater body: external shell #304 spec brushed stainless steel

• Gas heater body: rock pan #304/321 spec stainless steel. Holds up to eight gallons

• Internal wall flashing: flashing #304 spec brushed stainless steel.

• Back panel assembly: through-wall assembly: 22 galvanized steel

• Venting components: vertical (draft hood) or direct (flue cap) venting

• Burner assembly: proprietary burner, gas valve, and pilot.

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