How can I improve My Sauna Sessions?

How can I improve My Sauna Sessions?

Sauna bathing can be intimidating to novice users. Upon entry, you can be overwhelmed by the temperature, the expectation to sit still for an unknown amount of time, or the social etiquette in an occupied sauna. But there is no need to fear anymore. With a few tips and practice, the sauna may quickly become the highlight of your health and wellness routine.


Know the Rules

Public saunas vary in rules and etiquette. Some may be gender-specific or clothing optional. Ask an employee to brush you up to speed, chat with a regular, or do a little reading beforehand, so you are prepared accordingly. If you are supposed to wear clothing, ensure it is comfortable and safe. If

Click here to know what type of clothing you can use in a sauna.



Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session. Do not take a metal bottle into a sauna as the metal will heat quickly and could burn you.


Ditch Your Jewelry

Jewelry can heat up quickly in the sauna. Necklaces, in particular, can heat up and cause mild burns. Be safe and remove all jewelry.


Set Your Expectations

During your first few trips to the sauna, you are unlikely to sit comfortably for twenty minutes. Start with a short goal in mind, say five minutes. After which, you may choose to cool off with a quick shower, dip in the pool, or relax at room temperature. You could conclude your sauna session there or re-enter for another short session. Over time, your body will acclimate to the intense heat environment, and you'll be able to prolong your stay. An ideal sauna session would exceed ten minutes per day.

Fun fact: Sometimes, the inside of a car could reach an incredible 138 degrees in a parked car; that's hotter than any outdoor temperature ever recorded on earth! So you might have already experienced high levels of heat in your everyday life.


Read the Room

Even if you brushed up on the facility rules, there might be some social cues to follow during sauna bathing. A sauna can be a very social place. Many people enjoy chatting to pass the time during their sessions. However, others enjoy the silence and isolation of the sauna. Match the mood of the room and be courteous to others.



Not bringing your phone into a sauna is not etiquette; it's a safety precaution. The unique environment can damage your phone and put your health at risk. Not having a phone in hand can be intimidating in the age of technology and social media, but try setting it down for a few minutes to relax, listen to music, or meditate instead. Take this time to sit with your emotions and thoughts and fill your mind with gratitude.


Come Back

Studies have already proven that saunas offer numerous health benefits and that the more you use a sauna, the more benefits you will get.

Find a way to incorporate a regular heat therapy session four or more times a week. As a result, you will receive the wide variety of health benefits saunas offer. Sauna's health benefits range from a better mood to cardiovascular health improvement!

Saunas are excellent for anyone looking to boost their health and decrease the risks of future illness. With these tips and little practice, it can become an essential part of any wellness routine.

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