As of May 1, 2020 twenty-one states in the U.S. are lifting restrictions put in place to slow the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Each state varies in level of mobility and sizes of social gatherings, but all generally have concluded that a gradual return to normal business will take time. 

In Idaho, for example, phase one began May 1st and allows day cares, youth camps, places of worship, and some businesses to open under the stipulation that they can identify how they will provide disinfection of their high-touch and high traffic areas. The same expectation lies for businesses that will open in the future, like gyms, salons, spas, and movie theaters. Every approach may be different, but all will require cleaning supplies and most will need extra labor to meet these standards. Now having seen the consumer reaction to a pandemic, we know that items such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, bleach, and toilet paper can quickly run out, leaving shelves empty for weeks.

So what are businesses to do when cleaning supplies run dry?

The Powerzone ozone generator can solve that. Utilizing the powerful disinfectant nature of ozone, Powerzone can render a vacant space completely bacteria and virus free within an hour. The ozone is created on-site and will not be depleted. You can rest assured that you can open your doors to the public with a solid plan to maintain a sanitary and healthy place.

Additionally, Powerzone reduces the necessity of manual labor to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Ozone is emitted as a gas, which envelops an entire room, penetrates every surface type, and cleans behind, under, and around spaces more efficiently that traditional sprays and wipes.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of re-opening in this heightened state of uncertainty?

Scandia Manufacturing has launched it’s sister company, Clean-Site aims to create confidence and trust, not only for business owners, but for their patrons as well. As we open our doors to our communities, let’s do it the right way: protecting the vulnerable and making smart choices. Utilizing a natural and safe disinfectant, Clean-Site and Powerzone O3 generators can ensure that spaces are as ultimately germ-free as possible.