While scientific tests continue to prove the efficacy of ozone in the neutralization of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, there are opposing parties who aim to discourage ozone use. However, with proper usage (just like all things in life), ozone can be utilized safely and ultimately result in a cleaner, safer environment. Here’s how you can successfully use ozone to render any space completely germ-free:

Vacate the Space

Even though ozone is composed of oxygen, it is not breathable air. It contains a third atom of oxygen which is key to the dissolution and breakdown of harmful microorganisms. After thirty minutes of the ozone being released, the O3 that makes up ozone will break down into breathable O2. So launch your Powerzone when your family leaves for the day or when you lock your shop doors for the night. If desired, open windows and doors when you re-enter the space to circulate the air. Ozone is not intended to sanitize individuals. If inhaled, remove affected person to fresh air as soon as possible.  If irritation continues, consult a physician. Powerzone units by Scandia can be installed high and out of sight of wandering hands for an added measure of precaution.

Consult Your Manual

Don’t toss this one aside. Thoroughly read your Powerzone user manual to understand the simple steps to regulate disinfection times. Units can be set up to run automatically or launched manually.

Why O3 is safer than alternatives

Traditional disinfectants can be filled with harsh and potential dangerous chemicals. Effective cleaning requires close contact and inhalation of those products by the user. They can leave unwelcome smells and ruin sensitive surfaces. O3 is a natural component found in the Earth’s atmosphere. Its refreshing smell can be sensed during a thunderstorm as downdrafts push it towards the Earth’s surface. This is Mother Nature’s way of cleansing the air.

High Efficiency & Low Maintenance
Spray bottles, rags, mops, wipes, and human effort can only get us so far. As ozone is dispensed as a gas, its nature is to fill the volume of the space it is in. This includes underneath tables and behind furniture. Ozone is capable of penetrating fabrics and upholstery, as well as harder surfaces. Unlike traditional cleaning supplies, it will not require frequent