For years, ozone’s ability to neutralize harmful bacteria and viruses has been utilized in food production, healthcare, and water treatment. It can be used in an aqueous or gaseous form. The Powerzone by Scandia has been developed to release ozone (O3) gas into any given space, effectively removing all harmful microorganisms. As a gas, it is able to permeate fabrics and reach under and behind furniture more efficiently than traditional sprays and wipes; rendering an entire space completely germ free.

A study conducted by James Hudson, Manju Sharma, and Selvarani Vimalanathan in Canada took a look at ozone’s ability to clear a space from a variety of viruses. Their hope was to create a way to sanitize spaces such as hotel rooms, health care facilities, and elsewhere with ozone that was created from a mobile device. Highly unstable, ozone must be generated on site. It cannot be purchased in cans or tanks. The Powerzone from Scandia generates O3 from the oxygen in the air with minimal to no manpower as it can be programmed on a timer.

The study took samples of 12 viruses to be tested against ozone; which included influenza, rhinovirus, poliovirus, and mouse coronavirus (not the same strain at the current COVID-19 outbreak). After exposure to ozone in an enclosed space, each sample showed signs of decay. Additionally, it did not matter what type of surface the sample was on–the decay from ozone exposure was the same.

Viruses can be enveloped or non-enveloped. Enveloped viruses generally have a protective layer of fat around them that can make them more difficult to break down (COVID-19 is an enveloped virus). O3 is capable of decomposing that outer layer and disrupting the internal function of the virus before returning itself and the virus into breathable, clean oxygen. Ozone has been proven to kill SARS, which is a similar virus, or cousin, to the current coronavirus outbreaks. This leads many to believe that ozone is a massive contender in the fight against the spread of illness.

The Powerzone can be utilized in any vacant space and neutralize nearly all harmful viruses. Whether in your home, office, or gym, sanitization can be quick, effective, and easy with an ozone generator from Scandia.