Some of our most favorite spaces have been hit the hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and spas are all left vacant as we fight the spread of coronavirus. Some businesses, like restaurants, have been able to adapt and continue to offer curbside services; while other businesses are left collecting dust. However, those who do not take charge of this unique time to reinvent and improve their business model may not make it in the future. Everyone is learning how to adapt and reinvent themselves to keep hold of their patrons from a distance.

So those projects you’ve been waiting to tackle…it’s time. Throw up that new coat of paint, tear down a wall, and deep clean. Keep your customers in suspense as you post pictures of progress and what they have to look forward to when those doors go flying back open. Just because they aren’t there in person, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice interpersonal communication; technology has made sure of that.

“Business only has two functions–marketing and innovation.”

Peter Drucker 

If you’ve been thinking about adding a sauna or steam room to your facilities, let’s get it done! Our installation processes are quick and seamless and either room can virtually be installed anywhere. There is no greater natural tool for health that you can promote than the addition of a sauna and steam room. You can encourage your patrons to reap their enumerable benefits such as

Increased cardiovascular health

Improved athletic performance

Decreased inflammation

Boost in mood


Decreased risk in Alzheimer’s and dementia

Improved respiratory health

Lower blood pressure

Additionally, saunas are the most hygienic spaces you’ll ever have. At over 175°F, nearly all bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms cannot survive inside. At times like these, that reason alone is motivation to relax in the heat.

Now steam rooms are notoriously popular sites for bacteria, viruses, and mold. Scandia Manufacturing has overcome that obstacle with the development of the Powerzone series of O3 generators. Our fully automated system removes the need for tireless, daily scrubbing. Partnered with our non-porous, stylish acrylic panel steam room walls, it has never been easier to have the cleansing power of steam rooms available to you with little to no maintenance.

Renovation does not have to be scary. We can add value and excitement to your facility’s anticipated re-opening. Seize this opportunity to create something beautiful. We wish you and your business all the power to succeed.

“The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”