The TREND sauna, one of our most recent sauna designs, features chromotherapy lights. The addition of chromotherapy science onto your sauna session will not only ease your mind and body with its color light vibrations, but light therapy color brings emotional and physical benefits throughout the body. Please continue reading below to learn more about the chromatherapy sauna benefits.

Color Light therapy definition

Color light therapy is also known as Chromotherapy. It is an antique healing method that uses LED chromotherapy lights to evoke calm, relaxation, and even cure diseases. Ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese healers recognized the physical and emotional light therapy benefits. 

Chromatherapy Sauna Lights benefits

LED chromotherapy lights are not the typical lights to set your sauna mood. Chromotherapy lights emit different frequencies and vibrations. It all depends on the color therapy you choose to receive,

Light therapy colors meaning

  • Red color light therapy is related to the kidneys, backbone, and sense of smell functions. Red light is used to boost energy, muscles and increase libido.
  • Yellow color light therapy fights depression, rosacea, redness and even helps with skin rejuvenation.
  • Boost your creativity and happiness with orange light therapy. 
  • Bring peace to your mind and body with color therapy blue.  
  • Balance your life and sweat the stress off with green color therapy. 
  • Purple is the color therapy for anxiety. It reduces emotional and physical tension, calms down your brain, and helps you with insomnia.