Once you’ve found your perfect home sauna, the next step is to position it in a place that you feel perfectly comfortable and at home. Enhance your sauna experience with these sauna accessories.

Sauna Wood Oil

One of the biggest challenges the owners of high-use home saunas face is how to keep their saunas looking pristine after years of high traffic use. 

Wood oil not only defends the wood against pests and mildew but also keeps your sauna looking and feeling fresh long after its first use by refreshing the natural cedar color and aroma.


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sauna sand timer

Sauna Sand Timer

This Sand Timer will add a beautiful accent to your sauna and provide a way to time your sauna session. Measure the passing of sauna time in 15-minute intervals with this durable sand timer.

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sauna rocks

Sauna Rocks

Sauna rocks play a vital role in your sauna as they absorb and keep in the heat. They are naturally resistant to extreme temperatures without crumbling.

They are sourced from select rivers and beaches in Mexico, North America. 

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Sauna Bucket and Ladle Wooden Set

The natural wood sauna bucket is the shape and material for traditional Finnish sauna buckets. They are made with natural, untreated wood. 

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Dilute one drop with water of your favorite scent and then place it into your sauna fountain or heater rocks, and enjoy the amazing smells in your sauna.

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