What is the Powerzone?


The Powerzone series of O3 generators effectively mitigates mold, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Available in various systems to disinfect any room size, O3 (Ozone) gas will more thoroughly disinfect surfaces and the air than traditional sprays and wipes.


How does it work?

The Powerzone series utilizes corona discharge–an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of the humidity in the air. This natural process occurs during lightning storms and causes negatively charged O3 gases. Many studies concluded that O3 gas eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.


Why we made it

As the oldest and largest US saunas and steam rooms manufacturer, we are familiar with the treacherous ecology that exists in commercial steam rooms. While dry saunas are too hot (>165°F) and dry for most microorganisms to exist, steam rooms are moist and comparatively cooler (~115°F). Those conditions are ripe for mold and bacteria. Traditionally steam room owners are tasked with daily scrub downs with harsh chemicals, like bleach, of their steam rooms. Powerzone systems eliminate the constant upkeep by automatically cleansing their environment every day. We are launching a line of products for utilization in all spaces, including homes, offices, and schools. Wherever you are, whatever needs to be sanitized, we have a Powerzone system for you.


How does ozone act as a disinfectant?

Ozone is active and volatile. When it encounters microorganisms, it interferes with its ability to function by breaking down the outer protective layers of the cells. In the case of coronavirus (COVID-19), it is an enveloped virus with a lipid layer protecting its exterior. Similar viruses to COVID-19, such as SARS, have been eliminated by the use of ozone. Ozone loses a part of itself during other cells' breakdown process, and the rest reverts to O2 (oxygen) very quickly.


Can I buy ozone?

No. Ozone is extremely unstable, so it must be generated on-site and used instantly. It will convert back into oxygen in 20-30 minutes.


Is ozone safe to use?

Ozone is the safest and most potent oxidant known today. It performs 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide and five times faster than ultraviolet rays for air and water treatment. Always consult the user manual for proper handling of a Powerzone O3 generator.


Is ozone harmful to humans?

Ozone is non-cancer-causing, but it may affect the respiratory system when the concentration is too high. Normal breathing should resume once exited to fresh air. The Powerzone systems should be launched in vacant spaces that can remain vacant for at least 30 minutes after the system has shut off.

In the current climate of fear, rest assured that your spaces are free of harmful microorganisms of all types, and you have clean, breathable air to relax and enjoy.

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