two women and one man in a sauna relaxing

The first step before entering the sauna is to undress and shower completely. You need to take off the dusty and dirty clothes and shoes you have worn during the day.

If you enter the sauna in everyday clothes, the heat releases dirt and dust into the air, so you won't get the full benefits of a good sauna session.

After you've taken a shower, you should decide what to wear or not wear during those 10 to 45 minutes in the sauna. This depends on your attitude towards social norms and your personal comfort.

If you do not care about conventions, strip down and let every part of your body enjoy the high temperatures and resulting sweating. Of course, if you have your sauna at home, you do not have to worry about clothing either. In this case, you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna even naked.

Otherwise, you should decide what you want to wear in the public sauna. Whatever you choose, you should follow the simple rule of wearing as little clothing as possible and not wearing the wrong things.

Your goal should be to relax and enjoy the benefits of the sauna as much as possible. 


Girls in swimsuit in a sauna

Even though the swimsuit is a practical solution, it can be dangerous to your health. Like any other garment made of PVC fabric, it obstructs the breathing of your skin. Not to mention the possibility of it melting at high temperatures and releasing toxic chemicals and fumes.

Also, you will feel uncomfortable in this insulating material after some time in the heat. You will not enjoy wearing something that absorbs too much heat.

Therefore, you should choose a loose-fitting swimsuit made of natural fibers if possible. This type of material allows for better ventilation while you are sitting in the sauna.

Also, make sure not to wear a swimsuit with metal parts not to get hot and burn your skin. 


Woman with towel in sauna

Regardless of whether you use a bathing suit or not, you need a towel in the sauna. Basically, if you do not want PVC fabrics on your skin while you enjoy the heat, the towel is all you need. Otherwise, you can wear a swimsuit, but also use the soft towel to put on a bench before sitting.

Finns believe that wearing a towel around your waist is the only way to get the ultimate experience. It's enough to protect both your privacy and the bench from your sweat and the spread of bacteria.

My advice is to choose a cotton towel. This material will completely absorb your sweat and keep you comfortable.


Young guy in sauna with clothes

If you feel that your swimsuit is not enough for you or you want to avoid it, you can wear something comfortable made of cotton. A classic oversized t-shirt, a loose fitting cotton towel and shorts are always a good choice for the sauna.

They absorb excess heat and allow your skin to breathe freely. Always wear clean clothes that you put on just before entering the sauna. Remember that wearing these clothes does not mean that you should not take the towel with you into the sauna.

On the contrary, if you do not need the towel as a cover, you must put it on the bench and sit on it. In this way, you will protect yourself from bacteria and at the same time keep the seat clean.

Another tip. Try to avoid tight underwear, especially your bra, to avoid discomfort that can cause tight clothes in the cabin with high temperature and humidity.

What To Avoid WEARING In The Sauna

There are things you should not take into the sauna, including:

Dirty and tight-fitting clothes: It's uncomfortable when the heat loosens the dust and releases it into the air.

Workout clothes and sweatsuits: Any garments made of PVC are the wrong choice when using the sauna, as they can melt in high temperatures.

Metal jewelry and piercings: They heat up and can hurt you.

Lotions and creams: They clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing freely.

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