One of the most important things you need to know before constructing or buying a sauna, besides the model (DIY kit or Portable), heating source, and sauna size, is the wood you will be using. Here is why we only use Cedar.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar wood is almost everybody’s preferred choice for a sauna due to its appearance, stability, and warping resistance under heat and humidity, making it comfortable to sit. Plus, Cedar wood is an excellent insulator owing to its low resistance, heats and cools down the sauna faster, and is highly resistant to fungus and decay.

Additionally, adding our 100% organic wood oil will help keep your sauna fresh and protected from pests and mildew. It will also keep your sauna looking and feeling fresh long after its first use by refreshing the natural cedar color and aroma.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedarwood is the prime choice for hot tubs, pool houses, and saunas since the wood thrives in wet environments. This Cypress tree has a unique structure, and it has exceptional resistance to weather and insects, and easy workability. First used by the West Coast Indians for their historic Totem Poles and great war canoes, it is a rare and often difficult to find lumber species.

There are infinite options to build a sauna, but choosing the suitable wood is the most critical aspect since the sauna wood quality determines not only the appearance of your sauna but its durability. 

Selecting a sauna wood with low quality will bring poor decay resistance, and it may be cheaper in the short run but more expensive in the long run. Investing in Grade A sauna wood will ensure your sauna lasts for a lifetime.