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Scandia Barrel Saunas

The Best Barrel Sauna

When creating our first barrel sauna, our primary goal was to combine tradition with technology. Scandia sauna barrels feature the most innovative design in the industry; this barrel sauna can connect to any WiFi network thanks to our Smart Sauna WiFi Controller.

The Smart Sauna WiFi Controller & SmartSauna App

Our Smart Sauna WiFi Controller and SmartSauna App allow you to regulate your session's temperature, length, and chromotherapy. In addition, the SmartSauna App will enable you to turn on your heater no matter where you are, and it notifies you when the room has reached your desired temperature.


Our barrel sauna allows you to have a completely personalized chromotherapy session. With the integrated WiFi Controller and the power of our Smart Sauna App, you can configure the LED light color on the ceiling and benches with just a few taps.

Perfect Temperature During Every Session

Our sauna barrel includes an Electric Heater made 100% from the highest quality stainless steel available in the US. These one-of-a-kind heaters are made entirely of 321 stainless steel to prevent corrosion from the moisture and high temperatures to which they are exposed.

Built to withstand every season

We have designed our sauna barrels to endure any harsh environment. Its 100% grade A cedar construction guarantees long-lasting durability. Cedar is very resistant to rot, shrinkage, and deformation, which is ideal for saunas due to the extreme weather conditions to which they might be exposed. In addition, This type of wood does not emit harmful materials, allergens, or toxins. This sauna will power through any environment while looking beautiful and delicate.

Better Heat Circulation

The cylindrical shape of this beautiful sauna helps the heat to flow effortlessly. Instead of the heat stagnating on the top, it gets evenly spread around your Barrel Sauna; this prevents your head from being too hot and your feet just getting cold, which is a common problem in saunas.

The perfect barrel sauna for you

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