Modular Sauna

A complete sauna experience from the comfort of your home. Scandia's traditional modular saunas are custom, complete, free-standing, self-contained rooms that have been designed for a beautiful look and simple assembly. These modular saunas can be put anywhere you have an open space!

Scandia pre-assembles all of their Modular Saunas before they are shipped to you. This ensures that all the parts and pieces will fit together seamlessly without having to modify them during the assembly process. 

Traditional layout, modern features.

Forget all the trouble of preparing a whole room to have a sauna. The Traditional Modular sauna is designed to be a complete sauna unit.

Self-contained, no need for frames

Our fully modular prefabricated design doesn't need room to hold your sauna. It stands on its own.

Only one cable is needed to be connected, and you will be ready to enjoy.

Put it anywhere: Indoor or outdoor

In your living room, the garage, by the pool, in your garden. Choose where you want it, and there will be an option.

Make it yours

The Traditional Modular Sauna is the most customizable prefab sauna. You can change everything, from wood finish to the types of lights.

  • Hand finish: Untreated cedar's original, refreshing look is always welcoming. But if you want your sauna to stand out, choose one of our several hand finishes.
  • Door: The Traditional Modular Sauna comes with a regular wood door with a glass window. You can upgrade it to a full glass door, either clear or tinted.
  • Board run: The standard design comes with a Euro-Trim board run which helps for longevity, but some dislike the look, so we also offer an entire board run, both vertical and horizontal.
  • Flooring: A traditional sauna is made entirely of wood so that a cedar duckboard will keep it that way. If you want a more modern look that will improve longevity, the Tru-Tile sauna mat is the way to go.
  • Salt panels: Benefit from halotherapy with the purest salt on earth, Himalayan salt. When the sauna warms up, the salt panel releases its purifying properties onto the circulating air, easing symptoms of seasonal allergies, the flu, COPD, and more.
  • Lighting: A perfect sauna needs perfect lighting, from the traditional look of a cedar-wall sconce to a more spiritual aesthetic that the Himalayan salt sconce gives.
  • Heater: Choose between the Ultra Electric Heater or the Ultra Gas Heater.


  • Full Grade A Western Red Cedar benches (screws fastened from bottom)
  • Removable True-Tile flooring or upgrade to Cedar Duck Board flooring
  • Solid Core door with insulated window - standard door window size 13 3/4" x 61" & standard door size of 30"x80"
  • 100% Stainless Steel sauna heater with solid rock tray design
  • External heater control panel
  • Accessory package

Traditional Modular Saunas are custom-made. Add this item to your cart and we will contact you to review the specs and send an estimate. If you want more information, call +1-877-467-2862 or send an email to