Most advanced sauna ever.

The TREND sauna uses several sensors and sophisticated algorithms to adjust the temperature to your needs, so you can focus only on what's most important, your health.
Sauna controller with wood frame
The WiFi Controller is an interactive display
placed outside your TREND.
Smart app screen for saunas
Smart Sauna is available in
Google Play store and App store.

Full control in the palm of your hand

Stop guessing times and temperatures with Smart Sauna, our sauna controlling mobile app.

Turn your sauna on and off, change the temperature, switch colors, and more from anywhere you are.


By having a precise LED controlling circuit, the TREND sauna can target specific wavelengths. Allowing you to have not only beautiful colors in your sauna, but also benefit from chromatherapy.
Indoor green rgb sauna
TREND with green chromotherapy.
Increased heat graphic
Heats up 66% faster than other saunas.

Less time waiting, more time TRENDing.

Our unique design, combined with a powerful heater and high-tech systems, can reach maximum temperature in 30 minutes. And with Smart Sauna, you can start this process remotely, so it's ready when you need it.

Perfect temperature every session.

Comes with Ultra Heater, our 100% stainless steel energy-efficient sauna heater. Designed for a greater air flow, heating the room rapidly to the temperature you want.
Trend sauna in pieces perspective
Blown apart view of the TREND sauna
Can be assembled in less than two hours.
The TREND sauna has a nearly complete snap-on design. Just like interlocking playing bricks, each piece easily snaps in place. Few screws here and there, and you are ready to enjoy.
Toolbox for saunas
No more last minute rush to the hardware store. All units come with a well explained installation guide and the tools necessary for installing your brand new TREND.
Sizes that fits your needs.
For two to eight people. With our variety of sizes, you can find a TREND that perfectly fits your space.
5'W x 4'Dx 7'H.
Best wood.
Cedar wood top quality
The TREND sauna is made using only grade-A cedar wood. Its softwood properties are ideal for a sauna environment, making the surfaces safe to touch and releasing a spicy aroma everyone loves.
Superb quality.
Corner of sauna bench
Corner of the benches.
By having a strict quality control policy, every inch of your TREND sauna is inspected, so it meets your expectations. Still, our professional team will help you out if any problem emerges.
Wood box create
Secure and fast
Every unit is well packaged in a heavy-duty crate and shipped as soon as it’s ready. Our lead time are one of the lowest in the market.
Improve your life now.
Start enjoying the benefits of having a sauna without the hastle of days of installation.