Video Resources

How to Light Our

Gas Sauna Heater

In this video we demonstrate how to light one of our gas fired sauna heaters. Remember to always have a licenced HVAC technician install your gas sauna heater. This video demonstrates the steps involved in lighting the pilot

Scandia Gas Heater

Burner Removal

In this video, we cover how to remove your burner from a gas powered Scandia heater. Always exercise caution and put safety first!

Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

An introduction to the Advanced Hybrid Steam Room. The Advanced Hybrid Steam Room is up to 50% more efficient than tile steam rooms and is self-cleaning using ozone technology. Used primarily in commercial applications, the Advanced Hybrid Steam Room is the latest in steam room technology and contributes to LEED.

How the Powerzone
Sterilization Unit Works

A brief explanation of how our Powerzone units work to sanitize your space effortlessly.