This week we launched our new outdoor modular sauna collection: Classic & Canopy barrel saunas. Barrel is the ultimate shape for any sauna, they perform great in colder climates and occupy less space to be heated when compared to regular cabin outdoor saunas. Its cylindrical design causes more even distribution of heat within the sauna. Since Covid19, this outdoor sauna has become very popular, and here are our three reasons why a barrel sauna is the best sauna design:


With its clever design, barrel sauna installation does not require major tools and it can assemble in an afternoon. 

Heats faster & distributes the heat even more

The barrel sauna signature circular design boasts the benefit of circulating the less dense air at the top of the sauna back to the bottom where it becomes hot again. This means that the air is constantly in motion. 


Since the Barrel Sauna is designed for outdoor use can literally be placed anywhere. Its structure allows handling a variety of conditions including freezing climates. 


Explore our barrel sauna kits. Each sauna includes:

• Electric Ultra Sauna Heater

• Full Glass Sauna Door

• WiFi Heater Controller