Capture benefits, in nature.

The barrel sauna is designed for the outdoors. Its 100% grade A cedar wood ensures long durability without worries. Enjoy all the benefits that a conventional sauna can bring you while enjoying a beautiful view outside.

Relaxing has never been so easy.
Outdoor barrel sauna in a backyard
A beautiful barrel sauna with an electric heater situated on a lake

Unique look and feel.

The most challenging thing in creating the first Scandia's Barrel Sauna was to combine innovation with tradition. This barrel sauna can connect to any Wi-Fi network and allow you to turn on, turn off and program the times at which the electric heater will turn on. 

On the other hand, you can also configure the LED lights of the benches and the ceiling so that you can enjoy a chromatherapy session while you are in your new sauna.

Built to last every season.

Designed to endure any rough environment. Winter after winter, your Barrel Sauna will stay strong and ready to give you the warmth you need on those frigid days. Its 100% grade A cedar construction guarantees long-lasting durability. Scandia's barrel sauna is not only beautiful and smart, but it's also durable.
A barrel sauna with snow
Interior of a barrel sauna with salt panels

Himalayan power at your will.

Purify your sauna, body and mind with the properties of Himalayan Salt. You can choose to have Himalayan Salt panneling in your sauna to benefit from it’s power.

A perfect balance between traditional and technology. 

Our outstanding barrel sauna allows you to have a complete chromatherapy session. With the integrated WiFi Controller and the power of our Smart Sauna App, you can configure the LED light color on the ceiling and benches with just a few taps. Never before has a barrel sauna been so modern.
A barrel sauna with snow
Barrel sauna airflow

Better heat circulation.

Its round shape is perfect so that the heat currents flow effortlessly. Instead of the heat stagnating on the top, it gets evenly spread around your Barrel Sauna.
It prevents your head from being too hot and your feet just getting cold, a common problem in saunas. The sauna experience is taken to the next level.

Fit all your family and friends.

The sauna experience is better when you share it with your family or friends. There is nothing better than everyone at home can enjoy its benefits. Our barrel sauna was designed to grow according to your needs. Choose between the sizes we have and enjoy a shared sauna experience.
A couple enjoying a Scandia barrel sauna
Scandia's Barrel Sauna parts

Easy to build.

Scandia's Barrel Sauna is not only beautiful, but its installation is the easiest on the market. In just a few hours, you will be enjoying the outdoor sauna experience.
  • Only two people are required to install it.
  • Modular pieces that easily snap together.
  • Installation manual included.
  • Do not requiere especial electrical installation.
  • Install it in two hours.

TWO hours to install it.

What makes our outdoor barrel sauna incredible is the ease with which it is installed. When you receive your new outdoor sauna, you will receive a tool kit for its installation as well as a step-by-step guide so that in two hours, you will have your new sauna ready.
Scandia's Barrel Sauna Installation Guide
Scandia's Barrel Sauna parts

Secure and fast


Every unit is well packaged in a heavy-duty crate and shipped as soon as it’s ready. Our lead time are one of the lowest in the market.
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Start enjoying the benefits of having a traditional sauna that is custom built for you.